Active School Flag

We have begun our Active School Flag work this January. After sifting through the many wonderful applications, the Active Committee was chosen. Well done to Niamh, Aimee, Kate, Sophie, Cailean, Megan, Emma, Amy and Jenna. They have been super work so far.

Active Homework

The school has made a tremendous effort at completing their active homework supplied by the Clare Sports Partnership. It has been wonderful to see the children getting more than the 60 minutes of exercise everyday! Well done to all and to the Active Committee for demonstrating the exercises each day.

Active Logo and Slogan

The Active Committee held a competition for our school’s active slogan and logo. Such were the entries that they could not pick a winner and have decided to change it each month. The slogan and logo will be shown and mentioned at our monthly assembly and put on the Active School Noticeboard.