Student Council

Caherea N.S. is very proud to have an active Student Council that lead much of what is great about the school. After an open discussion with the pupils it was decided that the Student Council would be be the 6th class each year so that every child would get the opportunity to be on the council. They have a suggestion box to ensure everyone has a voice and a wonderful noticeboard to communicate their actions and plans. Here are some of the activities that they have led in the school:

Active Homework

The school has made a tremendous effort at completing their active homework supplied by the Clare Sports Partnership. It has been wonderful to see the children getting more than the 60 minutes of exercise everyday! Well done to all and to the Active Committee for demonstrating the exercises each day.

Sos Gaeilge

Every Wednesday the pupils speak as much Irish as they can during sos time. Pupils from the junior yard are allowed on to the senior yard to speak with the older boys and girls. It is a great initiative and it is increasing  the amount of Irish been spoken about the school.

Green Activities

In order to keep our school environmentally friendly, the Student Council have introduced Litter Pickers and Light Monitors to ensure that we recycle properly and reduce our electricity usage. The are also going to implement the Climate Action Plan that was created by the senior room.

Active Yard Leaders

Each day during the months of March and April, pupils from the senior class prepare games and activities for the junior class at lunch time. It is great to teach the children fun games and to see everyone being active together.

Theme Days

The Student Council decide on theme days for certain Fridays of the year. In December they raised money for Down Syndrome Ireland by having a Christmas Jumper Day. In January they added much life to the school by holding a Crazy Hair Day.