Artist In Schools

School Mosaic

In early 2022, Clare artist, Nathalie El Baba, spent several weeks with the pupils of the school designing and creating the most amazing mosaics for our school. We were one of only 400 primary and post-primary schools nationwide to be selected for this BLAST: Arts In Education initiative.

The pupils drew inspiration from the beautiful stained-glass window in Our Lady of the Wayside Church in Lissycasey to create their own artistic heritage of the area at this time. Themes centred around the community, the environment, music and sport and the pupils worked in teams to create their own mosaic pieces for the overall project.

Nathalie taught the pupils all the skills of working with mosaics and also gave us a special treat of working with glass, where the pupils got to create their very own pendants. It was a wonderful initiative to be involved in and adds another bright and welcoming element of creativity to our ever developing school.

Junior Yard Mural

In June 2021, the school received a burst of colour and vibrancy. Local artist, Marie Connole, came to the school and helped the pupils paint an incredible mural on the front wall of our school yard.

In January and February the design process took place. All of the pupils brainstormed ideas and Marie came up with a number of potential designs. The pupils gave their feedback on these and the overall design was decided upon. It included elements of their hobbies and interests, historical elements of the community and images from the day-to-day lives of the pupils.

We are so thrilled with the outcome. It provides such a welcoming presence to the school and is the first topic of conversation for all who visit.

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